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Meet the Staff of Auto Access of Portage

Greg Wesolowski - Service Advisor-Mechanic

608-566-1627 - gregwesolowski@autoaccessportage.com

Tara Medina - Sales

608-745-9007 - taramedina@autoaccessportage.com

Thomas Medina - Detail and Sales

608-745-9007 - thomasmedina@autoaccessportage.com

Jerry Spears - Owner/Sales

608-742-6011 - jerryspears@yahoo.com

Jerry's been in the auto business 20 years. He's here to help and we have conections for secondary finance so give us a call today to see what we can do to get you in a new car.

Tammy Medina-Hirschfelder - Sales Manager

608-742-6011 - tammymedina@autoaccessportage.com

Tammy has extensive experience in auto sales and financing and can assist you with finding the car and loan you need. Call Today!

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